Only as good as the staff!

- Shana H
A place to live is really only as good as the staff that runs it. That being said, The Ava has some great staff, always friendly and willing to help. Mederick, the Asst Mgr, is awesome, it's like talking to a friend, and that matters. Anytime I have had an issue, he follows up, he is understanding and most of all competent. I notice when people seem genuine and actually care, I totally get that from him, so I seek him out before anyone else.

Maintenance is pretty quick, and they are so friendly too. The parking is not the best, especially for visitors. I truly think that some actual rules regarding that should be made and enforced. Since residents are paying to live here, we should be able to utilize the space. You'd do yourself a favor by getting your own parking spot, even though its ANOTHER cost each month.
The walls are thin, so it can be noisy at times, especially on the weekends. You absolutely can hear your upstairs neighbors walk, and your side neighbors tv, music, etc, but that's apt living, right? The apts are beautiful, and the best views face either the courtyard or pool.

All in all, the Ava is a decent place to live, but if you have uninterested staff to deal with, it takes away from the positive. Thank God for the staff here.