The Ava is a great place to live

- Diane R
First, I would like to commend the office staff for their friendliness and overall upbeat attitude that I have experienced or witnessed when others come into the office. I would especially like to recognize Paula, our Manager and Mederick, our Assistant Manager, who has an "open door policy", always having time to greet you or listen to what you have to say. They both have helped me enormously with special issues I may have had that cannot be categorized as maintenance. And the leasing agents, Brea and Diego are always smiling and willing to help you to decide on certain issues such as downsizing or offering to help with a problem you might have right down to storage spaces you might require.

Second, cudos to the maintenance staff who, within twenty-four hours, repair any issues I may have with the apartment - that is within their power to repair. Each of these people on the maintenance staff is always friendly and cordial with a warm smile and "hello" to greet you. And they DO try to keep our residency grounds clean - especially Hans who is the epitome of someone happy to do even the most menial job ! (It would help if some residents took more pride in where they lived to pick up after themselves, rather than throw things out of their cars on the driveways or in the garage - and especially in the pool area NOT-TO-MENTION picking up after your animals - the animals can't do it so you SHOULD!!) Manny and Chui, even when busy, will smile and greet you when they see you. And when making repairs, there is never a mess left behind for you to clean. They are truly professionals and respect your possessions. And although I have no business contact with Dora, she is an amazing lady, very dedicated to her work with cheerful greetings for everyone.

Third, the apartment sizes are wonderful and beautifully finished. The flooring is wide natural wood planks, unlike most that have vinyl wood flooring, and the finish on the cabinets are lovely. The counters are all granite in the kitchen as well as bath areas which make it less likely to damage, unlike prefabricated tops that can burn, stain, cut, or otherwise be damaged unlike natural stone. The closets in most units are very large and most accommodating, especially for professionals who have a vast wardrobe. And the windows are awesome, as they are tall and wide allowing a beautiful view, and in some cases, during holidays, views of fireworks or lighting decorations!

Fourth, the grounds are beautiful, and the pool and
community" area are quite lovely. There is also a special animal area for playing or otherwise....

Fifth, the location of The Ava is quite central, most accommodating to nearly anywhere you would like to go. It is extremely convenient to grocery shopping, department stores, etc.

Sixth, ZRS Management is very concerned about the safety of its residents and now has 24 hour security guards walking the premises. ZRS Management is a "hands-on" management company and when called upon, will interact with residents to work out problems or eliminate those problems. Whether the result is in your favor or not, it is nice to know that management at least cares!

I love living here, obviously, and have recommended The Ava to my family and friends as a great place to live!